2nd visit of Japanese delegation at NED University organized by CSRD.

The Japanese delegation that includes JICA team, TDAP people and other delegates from Japan IT industry visited NED University second time on 1st February, 2020. The leading IT association "SHIKOKU IT ASSOCIATION" was also part of this delegation. The visit has been organized by Centre for Software Research and Development (CSRD). The 1st visit was organized on 4th February 2019. .

The main purpose of the Japanese delegates is to visit research centers at NED and analyze the Pakistan Leading Engineering universities and its students. In future students/job exchange program may benefit the NED university students to go to Japan and work on latest technology domain areas. Some other objectives of the visit include:

  • To find export partners for SHIKOKU IT companies products.
  • To find import partners for Pakistan IT products.
  • To know software development partners for making SHIKOKU IT products as offshore (including bridge engineer).
  • To know Pakistan IT engineer specialty (B2B solution, Web system, Embedded, Information Security, Mobile application Web site, etc.)

During the visit at NED University, the Japanese delegation had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed (Dean ISH/AMS) Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal (Dean MME), Dr. Asad Arfeen (Director IT) and Dr. Najeed Ahmed Khan (Executive Officer CSRD) at Vice Chancellor Secretariat. Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed shared the research and development progress in the University. After that the delegation visited NIC-NED University followed by certificate distribution to the students who have completed a hands-on course on Graphics and Web Design at CCEE initiated by CSRD.