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Ongoing Projects - Awarded under MoST Endowment

S. No Project Scholar Supervisor/Co-Supervisor Department
10th Meeting held on 31st October 2023
1. Design and Optimization of Explainable Neuromorphic Hardware for Edge Computing Alishba Masood Dr. Muhammad Khurram. Computer & Information Systems Engineering
2. Investigation for the Effect of Welding Parameters on Joint Strength Fabricated by Friction Stir Welding Process Engr. Assad Anis Dr. Muhammad Shakaib / Dr. Muhammad Sohail Hanif Mechanical Engineering
3. Development and Performance Evaluation of Li-Air Batteries Using MXene Based Materials for Cathodes Engr. Zain Shahid Dr. Zahoor-Ul-Hussain Awan/Faaz Dr Ahmed Butt Mechanical Engineering
4. Influence of Different Morphologies of Manganese-based Cathode Material for Lithium-air Batteries – An Experimental and Predictive Analysis Based Study. Aisha Jilani Dr. Zahoor-Ul-Hussain Awan/Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi Chemical Engineering
5. Enhancing Urdu OCR Performance on FPGA through Model Optimization and Resource Mapping Techniques. Fauzia Yasir Dr. Majida Kazmi/ Prof. Dr. Arshad Aziz Computer & Information Systems Engineering
6. FPGA-Based Deep Learning Accelerators for Real-Time Product Quality Inspection in the Manufacturing Industry. Fakhra Aftab Dr. Majida Kazmi/ Prof. Dr. Arshad Aziz Computer & Information Systems Engineering
7. Development of Soft Tissue through Mechanical Sues in a Bioreactor. Engr. Amna Amin Sethi Dr. Eraj Humayun/Dr. Syed Faraz Jawed Biomedical Engineering
8. Adipogenic Reconstruction of Breast Tissue on Optimized Scaffold. Syeda Wajeeha Raza Zaidi Dr. Syed Faraz Jawed / Dr. Eraj Humayun Biomedical Engineering
9. Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Sustainable Atmospheric Water Generation Using Water-Selective Metal-Organic Frameworks. Muhammad Anique Azam Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui/ Dr. Haider Ali/Dr. Tariq Jamil Mechanical Engineering
10. Development and Performance Evaluation of All Atom Multipoint Virtual Models of Metals . Engr. Shaukat Ali Shaikh Dr. Tariq Jamil Mechanical Engineering
11. Data-Driven Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Acid Gas Removal Unit Using Time Series Machine Learning Algorithms. Nadia Khan Dr. Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi / Dr. Maria Waqas Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering
12. Parsimonious Nonlinearity Measurement for Edible Oil Refining Process. Ms. Alia Ahrar Dr. Fahim Uddin / Dr. Jawad Ahmed Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering
13. Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Ceramics through Additive Manufacturing Technique . Engr. Muhammad Umair Jamal Prof. Dr. Fayaz Hussain / Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sohail Materials Engineering
14. Energy Efficient Housing and Guideline Using Simulation-Living Lab-Immersive Visualization based Integrated Design Process . Faiza Saeed Dr. Farrukh Arif Civil Engineering
15. Thermally Insulating Foamcrete Composite Panels for structural applications. Ezzat Shah Barakzai Dr. Farnaz Batool Civil Engineering
16. Deep Learning-based Framework for Detection of Lung Cancer. Engr. Adiba Jaffar Dr. Raheela Asif/ Dr. Saima Saleem Computer Science & I T
17. Bandwidth Efficient Inter ONU Communication Enabled Physical and MAC layer Architecture for Next Generation PON. Saba Ahmed Dr. Rizwan Aslam Butt / Dr. Imran Aslam Electronic Engineering
18. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nanoparticles in Refrigerant. Adeel Ahmed Khan Dr. Muhammad Ehtesham Ul Haque Mechanical Engineering
19. Harnessing Food Waste for the Development of Edible Active Coatings for Enhanced Shelf Life of Climacteric Foods. Engr. Iqra Siddique Alvi Dr. Jawaad Ahmed Ansari / Dr. Rafiq Ahmed Food Engineering
20. Formulating a Feedback-based Prescriptive Learning Analytics Model to Examine Students Responses. Ms. Huma Tabassum Dr. Saman Hina / Dr. Rafael Ferreira Computer Science & I T
21. **Establishment of AVIAN in NEDUET (Aero Vehicle Innovation and Advancement Nexus). N/A Dr. Haider Ali/ Dr. Tariq Jameel Multidisciplinary
22. **Web 3.0 based MetaverCity Digital Classroom – Learn foreign language courses. N/A Dr. Najeed Ahmed Khan ---
23. **Development of An AI-Enabled Low-Cost PM2.5 Monitoring System for Combustion Emissions. Syed Muhammad Bilal Hassan Prof. Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui / Dr. Muhammad Uzair Yousuf Mechanical Engineering
9th Meeting held on 20th March 2023
1. Investigating Machine Learning-Based prediction Modeling Techniques for Large Scale Flood. Mr. Syed Faisal Hussain Kazmi Dr. Saman Hina / Dr. Afzan Adam. Computer Science & I T
2. Disruptive Technologies Enabled Decision Support Framework For Infrastructure Maintenance Decision Making. Engr. Waleed Ahmed Khan. Dr. Farrukh Arif. Civil Engineering
3. Constitutive Modeling of Ultra High-Performance Concrete. Engr. Ayesha Ayub Prof. Dr. Asad-ur-Rehman Khan. / Dr. Shamsoon Fareed Civil Engineering
4. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Slender Reinforced Concrete Beams subjected to High Mass Low Velocity Impact. Engr. Samra Masood Prof. Dr. Asad-ur-Rehman Khan. / Dr. Shamsoon Fareed Civil Engineering
5. Transient Stability analysis of power system in the presence of renewable energy sources. Najia Naveed. Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Aman Electrical Engineering
6. Neural network-based state estimation of power system in presence of renewable energy sources and variable load profile. Shariq Shaikh Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Aman Electrical Engineering
7. Computational Linguistic Approach for Holistic User Behaviors Modeling through Opinionated Data of Virtual Communities. Kashif Asrar. Dr. Syed Abbas Ali. Computer & Information Systems Engineering
8. Modelling of Attack Surface Vector for a Robust Cyber Threat Detection Architecture. Umer Iftikhar Dr. Syed Abbas Ali. Computer & Information Systems Engineering
9. Investing the Efficient Electroencephalogram Signals Interpretation into Text Using Machine Learning Mr. Adnan Ahmed Dr. Waseemullah Computer Science & I T
10. Efficient Domain Adaptation Platform for Robotics and Automation Application. Zainab Fatima Prof. Dr. Shehnila Zardari / Dr. Hassan Tanveer Computer Science & I T
11. An Analysis of the Energy Efficiency of Network traffic and strategies for sustainable data transmission Tooba Shaikh Dr. Asad Arfeen / Dr. Umaima Haider Computer & Information Systems Engineering
8th Meeting held on 17th August 2022
1. Processing & Characterization of Biodegradable thin films derived from organic polymers for food packaging applications. Engr. Abdul Rauf Jamil Prof. Dr. Ali Dad Chandio / Prof. Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
2. Analytical design and Performance Analysis of Intelligent Reflecting Surface Based Heterogeneous Networks. Ms. Aisha Danish. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Aslam / Dr. Sundas Ali Electronic Engineering
3. Effective Bandwidth Management in 5G using Software Defend Network. Ms. Sidra Masood Dr. Shehnila Zardari / Dr. Kashif Nisar Software Engineering
7th Meeting held on October 2021
1. Investigating Slice-level Side-channel Attacks within 5G Based Services. M. Najmul Islam Farooqui Dr. Muhammad Mubashir Khan / Dr. Junaid Arshad (UK) Computer Science & I T
2. Synchrophasor based energy routing for autonomous energy grid. Muhammad Umar Sajid Dr. Attaullah Khawaja Electrical Engineering
3. Assessment of Net Energy Contribution to Buildings by Rooftop Photovoltaic using GIS Systems in Karachi, Pakistan. (Masters Project). Mr. Syed Muhammad Ammar Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui / Engr. Ahsan Ahmed Mechanical Engineering
6th Meeting held on 17 March 2021
1. Multi-stage data augmentation framework for automatic speech recognition of low resource language. Engr. Syed Muhammad Zahid Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi Electrical Engineering
2. Automatic Speech recognition using Deep learning. Engr. Syed Muhammad Omar Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi Electrical Engineering
3. Energy efficient and performance optimized design for data centers. Engr. Syed Muhammad Sheraz Dr. Asad Arfeen / Dr. Umaima Haider Software Engineering
4. Radio resource management and optimization techniques for 5G communications. Syed Muhammad Zaidi Dr. Amir Zaib / Dr. Asad Arfeen Telecommunication Engineering
5. Emotion Recognition from facial expression using machine learning. Ms. Saima Zaidi Dr. Najeed Ahmed Khan Computer Science
5th Meeting held on 29 July 2018
1. Routing Reliability Improvement in Lot-Based-MANET. Engr. Syed Talib Abbas Jafri Dr. Irfan Ahmed Electronic Engineering
2. Adaptive Control Design for Nonlinear Dynamical System. Syed Minhaj-un-Nabi Jafri Prof. Dr. S. M. Usman Ali Electronic Engineering
3. Reconfigurable Ultra-Wideband System for Frequency Congested Environment. Amir Saeed Dr. Tahir Malik/ Dr. M. Fahim ul Haq Electronic Engineering
4. Internet based User Interaction Learning Model for Online Image Search. Ms. Mona Kanwal Dr. Najeed Ahmed Khan Computer Science
5. *Exploration the use of Augmented Reality for Construction Project Progress Collaborative Monitoring. (Masters Project). NIL Dr. Farrukh Arif Civil Engineering
    *This is industry based project    
4th Meeting held on 14 December 2018
1. Optimized H/w Based Parallel Convolution Neural Network. Mr. Salman Jafri Dr. M. Ali Ismail Computer & Information Systems Engineering
2. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Mobile Phone Battery Charging Applications. Syed Raza Abbas Jafri Dr. S. M. Usman Ali Shah / Dr. Imran Aslam Electronic  Engineering
3rd Meeting held on 12 March 2018
1. Fabrication and Characterization of Third Generation Solar Cells. (Terminated Project). Ms. Maheen Mazhar Dr. Sadia Muniza Faraz/Dr. Zahoor ul Hussain Awan Electronic Engineering

Completed PhD. Projects under MoST Endowment

S. No Project Scholar Year Department
1. The Mechanism of Combined Neuro-modulatory Approaches: Implications Towards Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders . Mr. Danish Mujeeb 2023 Bio-Medical  Engineering
2. Synthesis and characterization of Multiferrocis-Ceramics for Engery application. Engr. Sajida Sheikh 2023 Materials Engineering
3. Performance enhancement of Concentrated parabolic trough collector system. Syed Aun Ali Rizvi 2023 Mechanical Engineering
4. Practical A Concept-Centric Approach for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) Using Deep Learning and Knowledge Base. Muhammad Imran 2022 Computer Science & IT
5. Practical Quantum Key Distribution Based on Higher Dimension Protocol. Muhammad Kamran 2022 Computer Science & IT
6. Enhancing Packet Delivery in Intelligent Transportation System. Abdul Karim Kazi  2022 Computer Science & IT
7. Performance Sealing of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms. Syed Z Qasim 2021 Computer & Information Systems Engineering
8. Intrinsic Modalities Based Multi Modal Biometric System. Mr. Syed Aqeel Haider 2021 Electronic Engineering
9. Design a Framework for Universal Open Source Software Adoption Model. Ms. Umm-e-Laila 2021 Computer Science & IT
10. Unsupervised Identification of Fire Intensity and its Hazards unsing Computer VIsion. Mirza Adnan Baig 2021 Computer Science & IT
11. Implementing an Image Processing Algorithm Design to Forecast the Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Ms. Ayesha Adil Khan 2021 Electronic Engineering
12. Modeling Boulder Transport by Tsunami. Ms. Hira Ashfaq Lodhi 2021 Physics
13. Moving Target Defense Based Security Framework using Software Defined Networks. Muhammad Faraz Hyder 2020 Computer & Information Systems Engineering
14. Design Analysis and Characterization of Multi-function Continuous Time. Saleha Bano 2019 Electronic  Engineering
15. Unsupervised Learning of Street Traffic Patterns for Anomaly Detection. M. Umer Farooq 2019 Computer Science & Software Engineering
16. Aspect-based sentiment analysis of real-time social media data. Mr. Saad Ahmed 2019 Computer Science & Software Engineering
17. A Novel approach to minimize Malleability risk in Blockchain. Engr. Kashif Mehboob Khan 2019 Computer Science & Software Engineering
18. Unsupervised Classification of Videos Using Semantic Analysis. Mr. Waseemullah 2019 Computer Science & Software Engineering
19. A Machine Learning Approach to Speech Emotion Recognition. Ms. Maria Andleeb Siddiqui 2019 Computer Science & Software Engineering
20. Electronic Neuromorphic Hardware Design. Saad Qasim 2019 Computer & Information Systems Engineering
21. Modular Integrated Circuit Models of Bio-Cellular Networks. Maria Waqas 2019 Computer & Information Systems Engineering
22. New Software Testing Strategy. Mirza Mehmood Baig 2010 Mathematics And Basic Science
23. A technique for design and implementation of an ORC for printed Nastalique Text. Sohail Abdul Sattar 2009 Computer Science & Software Engineering
24. Formulization of software development process. Sheikh Wahabuddin Usmani 2004 Computer Science & Software Engineering

Completed Masters by Research Projects under MoST Endowment

S. No Project Scholar Year Department
1. Response spectra for coastal region of Sindh. Mukesh Kumar 2006 Civil Engineering
2. Design of remote control navigation. Haider Raza 2006 Mechanical Engineering
3. The Effects of Quantum Computing On Cryptographic Hash Function. Muhammad Mubashir Khan 2006 Computer Science & Software Engineering