Tech Camp-2

A short Course on Web Design

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NED First Startup under CSRD

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is a Web portal developed at CSRD where the Donors and
needful people will meet. The donors may donate directly or
may assign any job to the skilled people.

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COVID Spread

Statistics Dashboard

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Certificate Program.

12 week Professional Trainingon - SAP ABAP

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Welcome to Center for Software Research & Development

Center for Software Research and Development (CSRD) is an organization, based on the exploration and testing of upcoming technologies regarding Computer Science, which results in the enlightenment of the younger generation of researchers. In order to introduce something unique in Pakistan, our current research projects include AR, VR and MR; being analyzed to modernize the curriculum of teaching and learning. Similarly, worldwide prevailing technological companies, like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, etc. provide a platform for the youth to review and initiate work in this domain.

CSRD aims to expand the work of Research and Development to an advanced extent, more specifically in the departments of Information Technology & Telecommunication. The center provides assets to not only developers market but also welcomes the student body to learn teaching pedagogy. The central aims and objectives are:

  • To undertake Industrial Research Projects.
  • To produce Ph.Ds. and M.Eng/M.S (Computer Science).
  • To strengthen Postgraduate Research Programmes.
  • To establish the University-Industry Consortium.

Our mission is to combine knowledge, hard work and enthusiasm in the areas of computer science & software engineering to be able to contribute to the software products development and research activities in our country.

Apps Developed by CSRD

Augmented Reality (AR) Model For Vehicle Inspection

A prototype for vehicle inspection using AR application is demonstrated in the video. The application is developed for a common user to assist in inspection and explore dynamic information about the vehicle parts.

Usage of application is very simple and user-friendly. Open application in your cell phone; scan your vehicle (currently supported Toyota Vitz and Corolla) from bonnet side. Application may assist for the following:

A guide to changing Tires.

  1. Filling Wind Shield Washer Fluid and Coolant Container.
  2. Checking engine oil using Oil Dipstick.
  3. Checking and replacing Air Filter through Air Filter Box.
  4. The flow of gas and liquid around the Air Conditioning System.
  5. Four Stroke cycle of Oil Combustion System.

The features and scope of the application may be enhanced on demand.

AR application for indoor Office exploration

AR VR App For House Tour

Virtual Tour NED University

Experience an immersive virtual tour of NED University. The demo tour will give you an experience of visiting the University, you almost feel like as you are there because the architecture design in 3D of the University architecture. Our team has developed all the 3D CAD designs from scratch. The pictures were taken from the different areas and then built its 2D design using 2D supported software and then these designs have gone into process of 3D CAD designs. Help from the Google map is taken to measure a full area of NED in kilometers.

Virtual Reality (VR) Model for Car Engine

This VR and AR car engine assembling project specially design for engineering students and the people in automotive industry to learn in a new way different parts of a car engine. This immersive learning demonstrates how the different parts of a car engine can be assembled or dissembled in right position. In this application people can work through for an inline four-cylinder engine with four variations (Tunings). This project provides high level guidance so that people can learn through help embedded in each part and work through the assembly process in their own way.

Augmented Reality (AR) Model for Car Engine

Mixed Reality (MR) Model for Human Anatomy

Doctors  and Medical students have often struggled with a deeper understanding of the relative positioning of complex anatomical structures, for example, the location of a vein in front of a nerve, which might be located behind a tendon. Holographic 3D digital Human Anatomy MR / VR model is designed for providing deeper understanding of complex anatomical structures of a human body. The Augmented Reality headset allows visualizing and interacting with human anatomy, it is designed to merge the virtual with reality .

Augmented Reality (AR) Model for Human Anatomy

Events Organized by CSRD

Destination Imagination

CSRD hosted STEAM Event: 3 days Destination Imagination national tournament in collaboration at NED University during 17 – 19 January 2019. In the event different schools, colleges and universities students including NED University students participated. The qualified teams then participated in final, held on May 2019 at Kansas City USA.






zain_ui - Copy.JPG
NED Notifier (User) App Attendance Management System Energy Monitoring App Road Accident Reporting CSRD Energy Monitoring App Masjid & Jamat Time Finder
NED Rapid Notifier is a mobile application. It will be used to send urgent notifications to all the concerned authority by admin. Moreover, Event creation is also facilitated in this application. Using Attendance Management System mobile app, teacher can take attendance on cell phone. The Absent students will be notified in real time. Students can also check their course attendance in real time. More Features will be added soon This App shows energy consumed of today , yesterday , this week and last week and can view messages related to energy consumed hourly in application for our EMOS Project.. Road Accident Reporting App objective is to automate the process of road accident data collection for detailed analysis to prevent injury. This App shows energy consumed of today , yesterday , this week and last week and can Line Chart of energy consumed hourly in application for our EMOS Project. The app ‘Masjid & Jamat Time Finder’ is a quick and easy way to find jamat timings of a masjid near to your location and add new masjid on google map along with the jamat times

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